The Mark

The main face of the mark will evoke a friendly sense of communication and comparisons.

Clearspace frames the logo separating it from other elements such as headlines, text, imagery, and the outside edge of print materials.

The example shown represents the minimum “clearspace” (Clearspace equals the x-height of the lowercase letters in the mark.

Minimum Size

In reproducing the logotype consider its size and legibility and use common sense. A logo that is too small ceases to serve any communicative function. The minimum size of the Pollit logo is 1.5 inches.


Primary logo Usage

Use on the vast majority of print applications: business cards, letterhead, ads..etc

Secondary Logo Usage

Use for other applications, such as t-shirts and hats. Use in situations where the color of the logo clashes with color of compositions (overlaid in photograph).


For online, storefront, and printout display.

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24